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    Adaptive Modelling and Mindreading.Donald M. Peterson & Kevin J. Riggs - 1999 - Mind and Language 14 (1):80–112.
    This paper sets out to give sufficient detail to the notion of mental simulation to allow an appraisal of its contribution to ‘mindreading’ in the context of the ‘false-belief tasks’ used in developmental psychology. We first describe the reasoning strategy of ‘modified derivation’, which supports counterfactual reasoning. We then give an analysis of the logical structure of the standard false-belief tasks. We then show how modified derivation can be used in a hybrid strategy for mindreading in these tasks. We then (...)
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  2. Philosophy and Cognitive Science.Christopher Hookway & Donald M. Peterson (eds.) - 1993 - Cambridge University Press.
    This volume, derived from the Royal Institute of Philosophy 1992 conference, brings together some of the leading figures in the burgeoning field of cognitive science to explore current and potential advances in the philosophical understanding of mind and cognition. Drawing on work in psychology, computer science and artificial intelligence, linguistics and philosophy, the papers tackle such issues as concept acquisition, blindsight, rationality and related questions as well as contributing to the lively debates about connectionism and neural networks. The collection as (...)
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    Mental Simulation, Dialogical Processing and the Syndrome of Autism.Donald M. Peterson - 2002 - In Simulation and Knowledge of Action. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
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  4. Simulation and Knowledge of Action.Donald M. Peterson - 2002 - Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
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