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    Recognition and Redistribution.Jacinda Swanson - 2005 - Theory, Culture and Society 22 (4):87-118.
    Nancy Fraser has elaborated a framework for analyzing different forms of oppression using the categories of redistribution and recognition. This framework has come under criticism from Iris Marion Young and Judith Butler, despite the fact that all three theorists similarly insist that justice is not reducible solely to economic justice and that struggles against ‘cultural’ forms of oppression are equally important. Drawing on the debate between these theorists, in this article I examine the ways in which their respective theoretical frameworks (...)
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    Developing Contemporary Marxian Theory and Practice – a Role for Trotsky?: Saccarelli's Gramsci and Trotsky in the Shadow of Stalinism.Jacinda Swanson - 2011 - Theory and Event 14 (3).
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    Power and Resistance: Perpetuating and Challenging Capitalist Exploitation.Jacinda Swanson - 2007 - Contemporary Political Theory 6 (1):4-23.
    Although oppressive social practices like capitalism are often portrayed as static, totalizing social 'structures' with 'logics' and 'imperatives' that must be accommodated politically and economically, such portrayals are problematic both theoretically and politically. They rest on determinist and essentialist conceptions of social practices, and they curtail the scope of politics, government regulation, and human action and creativity. Fortunately, social practices can instead be conceptualized as thoroughly social, historical, and contingent, and thus susceptible to political intervention and reworking, as many feminist, (...)
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  4. Self Help-Clinton, Blair and the Politics of Personal Responsibility.Jacinda Swanson - 2000 - Radical Philosophy 101:29-38.