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Jasper Friedrich
Oxford University
  1.  76
    Review of Stuart Elden, The Early Foucault. Cambridge: Polity, 2021. Pp. 281. [REVIEW]Jasper Friedrich - 2022 - Foucault Studies 32:109-113.
  2.  63
    Review of M. Dean & D. Zamora, The Last Man Takes LSD: Foucault and the End of Revolution (London: Verso, 2021). [REVIEW]Jasper Friedrich - 2021 - Foucault Studies 31:257-261.
    The debate about how to interpret Foucault’s writings on neoliberalism has been going on for a while now: where some see in The Birth of Biopolitics a devastating critique of neoliberal reason, others see a laudatory exposition. Mitchell Dean and Daniel Zamora’s recent book The Last Man Takes LSD: Foucault and the End of Revolution is the newest contribution to this dispute. In it, the two authors rearticulate in book-length the position they have previously defended in several articles and book (...)
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  3.  94
    Philosophy from the Texture of Everyday Life: The Critical-Analytic Methods of Foucault and J. L. Austin.Jasper Friedrich - 2022 - Foucault Studies.
    In a 1978 lecture in Tokyo, Foucault drew a comparison between his own philosophical methodology and that of ‘Anglo-Saxon analytic philosophy’, claiming the label ‘analytic philosophy of politics’ for his own approach. This may seem like a somewhat surprising comparison given the gulf between contemporary analytic and continental philosophy, but I argue that it is a very productive one which indeed might help us reconsider this gulf. I proceed through a comparison between Foucault and the speech act theory of J. (...)
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