1. Teaching the Allegory of the Cave.Jim Robinson - 1992 - Teaching Philosophy 15 (4):329-335.
  2. A Change in Plato’s Conception of the Good.Jim Robinson - 1993 - Journal of Philosophical Research 18:231-241.
    One of the most interesting passages in the Republic is the comparison of the Form of the Good with the Sun. Although this depiction of the Good was never repeated, many hold that the Good retained its privileged place in Plato’s metaphysics.I shall argue that there are good reasons for thinking that Plato, when writing the Sophist, no longer held his earlier view of the Good. Specifically, I shall contend that he ceased to believe that as the Sun makes its (...)
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  3. Reconciling Indigenous Pedagogy and SOSE.Ray Nichol & Jim Robinson - 1999 - Ethos: Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology 2 (2):1-7.
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    Plato and the Virtues of Military Units.Jim Robinson - 2014 - Journal of Military Ethics 13 (2):190-202.
    In this article, I use Plato's functional account of justice and temperance in the Republic to contend that military units have at least two virtues that are not reducible to the virtues of the individuals in the units. Specifically, I use Plato's discussion of justice and temperance in the city-state to focus on the nature of these virtues in military units. I support my thesis by pointing out the value of attributing them to military units and by indicating some of (...)
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