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    Coordination of Timers and Sensors in Cell Signaling.Junbin Qian, Lendert Gelens & Mathieu Bollen - 2019 - Bioessays 41 (3):1800217.
    Timers and sensors are common devices that make our daily life safer, more convenient, and more efficient. In a cellular context, they arguably play an even more crucial role as they ensure the survival of cells in the presence of various extrinsic and intrinsic stresses. Biological timers and sensors generate distinct signaling profiles, enabling them to produce different types of cellular responses. Recent data suggest that they can work together to guarantee correct timing and responsiveness. By exploring examples of cellular (...)
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    Regulator‐Driven Functional Diversification of Protein Phosphatase‐1 in Eukaryotic Evolution.Hugo Ceulemans, Willy Stalmans & Mathieu Bollen - 2002 - Bioessays 24 (4):371-381.
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    Approaches to Defining the Ancestral Eukaryotic Protein Complexome.Hugo Ceulemans, Lijs Beke & Mathieu Bollen - 2006 - Bioessays 28 (3):316-324.