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    Moral Problems Experienced by Nurses When Caring for Terminally Ill People: A Literature Review.Jean-Jacques Georges & Mieke Grypdonck - 2002 - Nursing Ethics 9 (2):155-178.
    This article is a review of the literature on the subject of how nurses who provide palliative care are affected by ethical issues. Few publications focus directly on the moral experience of palliative care nurses, so the review was expanded to include the moral problems experienced by nurses in the care of the terminally ill patients. The concepts are first defined, and then the moral attitudes of nurses, the threats to their moral integrity, the moral problems that are perceived by (...)
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    Why Shared Decision Making is Not Good Enough: Lessons From Patients.Gert Olthuis, Carlo Leget & Mieke Grypdonck - 2014 - Journal of Medical Ethics 40 (7):493-495.
    A closer look at the lived illness experiences of medical professionals themselves shows that shared decision making is in need of a logic of care. This paper underlines that medical decision making inevitably takes place in a messy and uncertain context in which sharing responsibilities may impose a considerable burden on patients. A better understanding of patients’ lived experiences enables healthcare professionals to attune to what individual patients deem important in their lives. This will contribute to making medical decisions in (...)
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    Nursing Students' Responses to Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing Practice.Bernadette Dierckx de Casterlé, Mieke Grypdonck, Magda Vuylsteke-Wauters & Piet J. Janssen - 1997 - Nursing Ethics 4 (1):12-28.
    In literature as well as in nursing practice a growing concern about nurses’ ethical competence can be observed. Based on the cognitive theory of moral development by Kohlberg, this research examined nursing students’ ethical behaviour in five nursing dilemmas. Ethical behaviour refers not only to the ethical reasoning of nursing students but also to the relationship between reasoning and behaviour. Kohlberg’s definition of morality was refined by adding a care perspective. The results show that the majority of students can be (...)
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    Empirical Ethics in Action: Lessons From Two Empirical Studies in Nursing Ethics.Bernadette Dierckx de Casterlé, Mieke Grypdonck, Nancy Cannaerts & Els Steeman - 2004 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 7 (1):31-39.
    Despite the burgeoning of publications in nursing ethics, only more recently has empirical evidence on nursing ethics been published. How nursing ethics can be empirically studied as well as enriched by empirical data will be the focus of this paper. Two empirical studies will be briefly presented and their contribution to ethics discussed. The first one is a quantitative research project about nurses' ethical behavior in daily practice. Using an adapted version of Kohlberg's theory of moral development, this study tried (...)
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