1. Systems for the Production of Plagiarists? The Implications Arising From the Use of Plagiarism Detection Systems in UK Universities for Asian Learners.Niall Hayes & Lucas Introna - 2005 - Journal of Academic Ethics 3 (1):55-73.
    This paper argues that the inappropriate framing and implementation of plagiarism detection systems in UK universities can unwittingly construct international students as ‘plagiarists’. It argues that these systems are often implemented with inappropriate assumptions about plagiarism and the way in which new members of a community of practice develop the skills to become full members of that community. Drawing on the literature and some primary data it shows how expectations, norms and practices become translated and negotiated in such a way (...)
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  2. Cultural Values, Plagiarism, and Fairness: When Plagiarism Gets in the Way of Learning.Niall Hayes & Lucas D. Introna - 2005 - Ethics and Behavior 15 (3):213 – 231.
    The dramatic increase in the number of overseas students studying in the United Kingdom and other Western countries has required academics to reevaluate many aspects of their own, and their institutions', practices. This article considers differing cultural values among overseas students toward plagiarism and the implications this may have for postgraduate education in a Western context. Based on focus-group interviews, questionnaires, and informal discussions, we report the views of plagiarism among students in 2 postgraduate management programs, both of which had (...)
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  3. Plagiarism, Alienation and Fairness: Towards an Inclusive Educational Practice.Niall Hayes & Lucas Introna - 2005 - Ethics and Behavior 15 (3):213-231.