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    The “sense of agency” and its underlying cognitive and neural mechanisms.Nicole David, Albert Newen & Kai Vogeley - 2008 - Consciousness and Cognition 17 (2):523-534.
    The sense of agency is a central aspect of human self-consciousness and refers to the experience of oneself as the agent of one’s own actions. Several different cognitive theories on the sense of agency have been proposed implying divergent empirical approaches and results, especially with respect to neural correlates. A multifactorial and multilevel model of the sense of agency may provide the most constructive framework for integrating divergent theories and findings, meeting the complex nature of this intriguing phenomenon.
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    Processing of proprioceptive and vestibular body signals and self-transcendence in Ashtanga yoga practitioners.Francesca Fiori, Nicole David & Salvatore M. Aglioti - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Parametric induction of animacy experience.Natacha S. Santos, Nicole David, Gary Bente & Kai Vogeley - 2008 - Consciousness and Cognition 17 (2):425-437.
    Graphical displays of simple moving geometrical figures have been repeatedly used to study the attribution of animacy in human observers. Yet little is known about the relevant movement characteristics responsible for this experience. The present study introduces a novel parametric research paradigm, which allows for the experimental control of specific motion parameters and a predictable influence on the attribution of animacy. Two experiments were conducted using 3D computer animations of one or two objects systematically introducing variations in the following aspects (...)
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    Editorial: Sense of agency: examining awareness of the acting self.Nicole David, Sukhvinder Obhi & James W. Moore - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.