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Peter G. Bergmann [9]Peter Gabriel Bergmann [2]
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    Introduction to the Theory of Relativity.Peter Gabriel Bergmann - 1942 - New York: Prentice-Hall.
    Comprehensive coverage of the special theory (frames of reference, Lorentz transformation, relativistic mechanics of mass points, more), the general theory ...
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  2. Cosmology as a Science.Peter G. Bergmann - 1970 - Foundations of Physics 1 (1):17-22.
    In recent years, observational techniques at cosmological distances have been sufficiently improved that cosmology has become an empirical science, rather than a field for unchecked speculation. There remains the fact that its object, the whole universe, exists only once; hence, we are unable to separate “general” features from particular aspects of “our” universe. This might not be a serious drawback if we were justified in the belief that presently accepted laws of nature remain valid on the cosmological scale. In the (...)
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    The Riddle of Gravitation.Peter Gabriel Bergmann - 1969 - London: J. Murray.
  4. Of Physics.Peter G. Bergmann, Henry Margenau, Abdus Salam, Robert S. Cohen, Jagdish Mehra, Abner Shimony, Olivier Costa de Beauregard, André Mercier, EСG Sudarshan & Hans G. Dehmelt - 1995 - Foundations of Physics 25 (1).
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    The Gravitational Field at Spatial Infinity.Matthew Alexander & Peter G. Bergmann - 1986 - Foundations of Physics 16 (5):445-454.
    This paper treats the formulation of the gravitational field variables and the equations obeyed by them at spatial infinity. The variables consist of a three-dimensional tensor and a scalar, which satisfy separate field equations, which in turn can be obtained from two distinct Lagrangians. Aside from Lorentz rotations, the symmetry operations include an Abelian gauge group and an Abelian Lie group, leading to a number of conservation laws and to differential identities between the field equations.
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    Einstein and the History of General Relativity. Don Howard, John Stachel.Peter G. Bergmann - 1991 - Isis 82 (4):769-769.
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    Electrodynamics at Spatial Infinity.Matthew Alexander & Peter G. Bergmann - 1984 - Foundations of Physics 14 (10):925-951.
    In preparation for the treatment of the gravitational field at spatial infinity, this paper deals with the electromagnetic field at spatial infinity. The field equations on this three-dimensional(1+2) manifold can be obtained from an action principle, which in turn lends itself to a Hamiltonian formulation. Quantization is formally straightforward, but some thought is given to the physical interpretation of the results.
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    The Canonical Formulation of General-Relativistic Theories: The Early Years, 1930-1959.Peter G. Bergmann - 1989 - In D. Howard & John Stachel (eds.), Einstein and the History of General Relativity. Birkhäuser. pp. 1--293.