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    Propagating Organization: An Enquiry.Kauffman Stuart, K. Logan Robert, Este Robert, Goebel Randy, Hobill David & Shmulevich Ilya - 2008 - Biology and Philosophy 23 (1):27-45.
    Our aim in this article is to attempt to discuss propagating organization of process, a poorly articulated union of matter, energy, work, constraints and that vexed concept, “information”, which unite in far from equilibrium living physical systems. Our hope is to stimulate discussions by philosophers of biology and biologists to further clarify the concepts we discuss here. We place our discussion in the broad context of a “general biology”, properties that might well be found in life anywhere in the cosmos, (...)
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  2. Computational Intelligence: A Logical Approach.David Poole, Alan Mackworth & Randy Goebel - 1998 - Oxford University Press.
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    If Inductive Logic Programming Leads, Will Data Mining Follow?Randy Goebel - forthcoming - Proceedings of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, Foundations of Ai Special Interest Group Workshop on Inductive Logic Programming.
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