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  1. Interpreted Logical Forms.Richard K. Larson & Peter Ludlow - 1993 - Synthese 95 (3):305 - 355.
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    Scope and Comparatives.Richard K. Larson - 1988 - Linguistics and Philosophy 11 (1):1 - 26.
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    The Evolution of Human Language: Biolinguistic Perspectives.Richard K. Larson, Viviane Déprez & Hiroko Yamakido (eds.) - 2010 - Cambridge University Press.
    The way language as a human faculty has evolved is a question that preoccupies researchers from a wide spread of disciplines. In this book, a team of writers has been brought together to examine the evolution of language from a variety of such standpoints, including language's genetic basis, the anthropological context of its appearance, its formal structure, its relation to systems of cognition and thought, as well as its possible evolutionary antecedents. The book includes Hauser, Chomsky, and Fitch's seminal and (...)
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    Implicit Arguments in Situation Semantics.Richard K. Larson - 1988 - Linguistics and Philosophy 11 (2):169 - 201.
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    The Semantics of the Plural Pronoun Construction.Masha Vassilieva & Richard K. Larson - 2005 - Natural Language Semantics 13 (2):101-124.
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    A Note on the Interpretation of Adjoined Relative Clauses.Richard K. Larson - 1982 - Linguistics and Philosophy 5 (4):473 - 482.
    By accepting the above proposals for translating tenses it appears possible to achieve a very general account of the interpretation of Warlpiri adjoined clauses. Moreover, if the analysis is correct it would provide an interesting example of natural language generalizing across tenses and NPs, since what we would have is a single syntactic construction whose interpretation varied according to whether an NP or a tense were translated with a distinguished variable. These results thus serve to pose once again the question (...)
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