Victor Cellarius [5]V. Cellarius [1]
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    Therapeutic Potential in ‘Metaphysical Care’.Victor Cellarius - 2015 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 21 (3):389-390.
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    'Early Terminal Sedation' is a Distinct Entity.Victor Cellarius - 2011 - Bioethics 25 (1):46-54.
    There has been much discussion regarding the acceptable use of sedation for palliation. A particularly contentious practice concerns deep, continuous sedation given to patients who are not imminently dying and given without provision of hydration or nutrition, with the end result that death is hastened. This has been called ‘early terminal sedation’. Early terminal sedation is a practice composed of two legally and ethically accepted treatment options. Under certain conditions, patients have the right to reject hydration and nutrition, even if (...)
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    Terminal Sedation and the "Imminence Condition".V. Cellarius - 2008 - Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (2):69-72.
    “Terminal sedation” refers to the use of sedation as palliation in dying patients with a terminal diagnosis. Although terminal sedation has received widespread legal and ethical justification, the practice remains ethically contentious, particularly as some hold that it foreseeably hastens death. It has been proposed that empirical studies show that terminal sedation does not hasten death, or that even if it may hasten death it does not do so in a foreseeable way. Nonetheless, it is clear that providing terminal sedation (...)
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    Teleological Care and the Last Years of Life.Victor Cellarius & Ross Upshur - 2014 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 20 (6):953-956.
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    To "Sleep Until Death"Jeffrey T. Berger Replies:Rights Vs. LibertyDavid Orentlicher Replies.Blair Henry, Mervyn Dean, Victor Cellarius & Larry Librach - 2011 - Hastings Center Report 41 (1).
    To the Editor: It was with great interest that our Canadian Palliative Sedation Therapy Guideline working group read Jeffrey Berger's recent article ("Rethinking Guidelines for the Use of Palliative Sedation," May-June 2010). Given our own group's efforts to develop national guidelines, we have rethought the issue of palliative sedation therapy several times over the past year.The use of clear and concise definitions is fundamental to the development of any consensus guidelines on this topic. In the article, the term "palliative sedation (...)
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    To “Sleep Until Death”.Blair Henry, Mervyn Dean, Victor Cellarius, Larry Librach & Doreen Oneschuk - 2011 - Hastings Center Report 41 (1):4-6.