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  1. Leon Van der Torre & Yao-hua Tan (2000). Two-Phase Deontic Logic. Logique Et Analyse 43 (171-172).
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    Gabriella Pigozzi, J. Hansen & Leon van der Torre, Ten Philosophical Problems in Deontic Logic.
    The paper discusses ten philosophical problems in deontic logic: how to formally represent norms, when a set of norms may be termed ‘coherent’, how to deal with normative conflicts, how contraryto-duty obligations can be appropriately modeled, how dyadic deontic operators may be redefined to relate to sets of norms instead of preference relations between possible worlds, how various concepts of permission can be accommodated, how meaning postulates and counts-as conditionals can be taken into account, and how sets of norms may (...)
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    Marc Van Zee, Mehdi Dastani & Leon van der Torre, Collective Intention Revision From a Database Perspective.
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  4. Ron van der Meyden & Leon van der Torre (2011). Selected and Revised Papers From the Ninth International Conference on Deontic Logic in Computer Science. Journal of Applied Logic 9 (2):81-82.