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    Michael J. Selgelid & Christian Enemark (2008). Infectious Diseases, Security and Ethics: The Case of Hiv/Aids. Bioethics 22 (9):457-465.
    Securitization of infectious diseases may involve suspension of ordinary human rights and liberties. In the event of an epidemic, therefore, it is important to limit the occasions upon which draconian disease control measures are implemented in the name of security. The term 'security', moreover, should not be used too loosely if it is to retain force and meaning in political discourse. It may be argued that the bar for disease securitization should be set high so that it is limited to (...)
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    Christian Enemark (2014). Drones, Risk, and Perpetual Force. Ethics and International Affairs 28 (3):365-381.
    This article contributes to the debate among just war theorists about the ethics of using armed drones in the war on terror. If violence of this kind is to be effectively restrained, it is necessary first to establish an understanding of its nature. Because it is difficult to conceptualize drone-based violence as war, there is concern that such violence is thus not captured by the traditional jus ad bellum framework. Drone strikes probably do not constitute a law enforcement practice, so (...)
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    Christian Enemark (2008). Triage, Treatment, and Torture: Ethical Challenges for US Military Medicine in Iraq. Journal of Military Ethics 7 (3):186-201.
  4. Christian Enemark (2013). Ethics of War. In Fritz Allhoff, Nicholas Evans & Adam Henschke (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Ethics and War: Just War Theory in the 21st Century. Routledge. pp. 327.
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  5. Michael Selgelid & Christian Enemark (eds.) (2012). Ethical and Security Aspects of Infectious Disease Control: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Ashgate.
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