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    David Collard (2006). Research on Well-Being: Some Advice From Jeremy Bentham. Philosophy of the Social Sciences 36 (3):330-354.
    Jeremy Bentham provided a comprehensive list of the sources of pleasure and pain, rather in the manner of modern researchers into human well-being. He explicitly used the term well-being and made both qualitative and quantitative proposals for its measurement. Bentham insisted that the measurement of well-being should be firmly based on the concerns and subjective valuations of those directly concerned, in the context of a liberal society. Those who wished to superimpose other judgements were dismissed as "ipsedixitists." He also addressed, (...)
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    David Collard (2008). Review of Handbook of the Economics of Giving, Altruism and Reciprocity. [REVIEW] Economics and Philosophy 24 (2):265-271.