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    Dedication: Iris Marion Young, 1949-2006.Tanya Basok, Suzan Ilcan & Jeffrey Noonan - 2007 - Studies in Social Justice 1 (1):p 1.
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    Editorial Consultants, Volume 10.Joseph C. Bertolini, Peter Burke, Hugh Gough, Donald Kelley, Jeffrey Noonan, James J. Sheehan, Armand Singer, Marc Stears, Steven Vincent & Eric Vogt - 2005 - The European Legacy 10 (7):783.
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    Life Value and Social Justice.Jeffrey Noonan - 2011 - Studies in Social Justice 5 (1):1-10.
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    One‐Dimensional Criticism: A Marcusean Reflection on Habermas's Critical Theory1.Jeffrey Noonan - 2004 - The European Legacy 9 (4):469-480.
    This paper explores the metaphysical foundations of critical theory in Marcuse and Habermas's postmetaphysical alternative. It argues that Habermas's attempt to free critical theory from a normative conception of life‐activity deprives it of the conceptual tools required to accurately diagnose the fundamental structure of social problems today. It thus concludes that Marcuse's efforts towards specifying a life‐grounded foundation to critical theory must be renewed if the project of human freedom is to be advanced today.
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    The Continental Divide: Progress in Europe and Asia in the Work of Marx and Mill.Jeffrey Noonan - 1997 - The European Legacy 2 (6):1000-1010.