1. Sensations and Brain Processes.Jjc Smart - 1959 - Philosophical Review 68 (April):141-56.
    SUPPOSE that I report that I have at this moment a roundish, blurry-edged after-image which is yellowish towards its edge and is orange towards its centre. What is it that I am reporting?l One answer to this question might be that I am not reporting anything, that when I say that it looks to me as though there is a roundish yellowy orange patch of light On the wall I am expressing some sort of temptation, the temptation to say that (...)
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  2. The Mind/Brain Identity Theory.Jjc Smart - 2007 - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
    The identity theory of mind holds that states and processes of the mind are identical to states and processes of the brain. Strictly speaking, it need not hold that the mind is identical to the brain. Idiomatically we do use ‘She has a good mind’ and ‘She has a good brain’ interchangeably but we would hardly say ‘Her mind weighs fifty ounces’. Here I take identifying mind and brain as being a matter of identifying processes and perhaps states of the (...)
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  3. Consciousness and Awareness.Jjc Smart - 2004 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 11 (2):41-50.
    This article is an attempt to show how the so called 'hard problem' in the philosophy of mind may in fact not be as hard as is usually supposed.
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  4. Methodology and Ontology in Imre Lakatos and Theories of Scientific Change.Jjc Smart - 1989 - Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science 111:47-57.
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  5. Negative Utilitarianism in Freedom and Rationality. Essays in Honor of John Watkins.Jjc Smart - 1989 - Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science 117:35-46.