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    What is a Medical Information Commons?Juli M. Bollinger, Peter D. Zuk, Mary A. Majumder, Erika Versalovic, Angela G. Villanueva, Rebecca L. Hsu, Amy L. McGuire & Robert Cook-Deegan - 2019 - Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 47 (1):41-50.
    A 2011 National Academies of Sciences report called for an “Information Commons” and a “Knowledge Network” to revolutionize biomedical research and clinical care. We interviewed 41 expert stakeholders to examine governance, access, data collection, and privacy in the context of a medical information commons. Stakeholders' attitudes about MICs align with the NAS vision of an Information Commons; however, differences of opinion regarding clinical use and access warrant further research to explore policy and technological solutions.
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    Introduction: Sharing Data in a Medical Information Commons.Amy L. McGuire, Mary A. Majumder, Angela G. Villanueva, Jessica Bardill, Juli M. Bollinger, Eric Boerwinkle, Tania Bubela, Patricia A. Deverka, Barbara J. Evans, Nanibaa' A. Garrison, David Glazer, Melissa M. Goldstein, Henry T. Greely, Scott D. Kahn, Bartha M. Knoppers, Barbara A. Koenig, J. Mark Lambright, John E. Mattison, Christopher O'Donnell, Arti K. Rai, Laura L. Rodriguez, Tania Simoncelli, Sharon F. Terry, Adrian M. Thorogood, Michael S. Watson, John T. Wilbanks & Robert Cook-Deegan - 2019 - Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 47 (1):12-20.
    Drawing on a landscape analysis of existing data-sharing initiatives, in-depth interviews with expert stakeholders, and public deliberations with community advisory panels across the U.S., we describe features of the evolving medical information commons. We identify participant-centricity and trustworthiness as the most important features of an MIC and discuss the implications for those seeking to create a sustainable, useful, and widely available collection of linked resources for research and other purposes.
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    The Role of Participants in a Medical Information Commons.Mary A. Majumder, Juli M. Bollinger, Angela G. Villanueva, Patricia A. Deverka & Barbara A. Koenig - 2019 - Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 47 (1):51-61.
    Meaningful participant engagement has been identified as a key contributor to the success of efforts to share data via a “Medical Information Commons”. We present findings from expert stakeholder interviews aimed at understanding barriers to engagement and the appropriate role of MIC participants. Although most interviewees supported engagement, they distinguished between individual versus collective forms. They also noted challenges including representation and perceived inefficiency, prompting reflection on political aspects of engagement and efficiency concerns.
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    Patients' Views Concerning Research on Medical Practices: Implications for Consent.Kevin P. Weinfurt, Juli M. Bollinger, Kathleen M. Brelsford, Travis J. Crayton, Rachel J. Topazian, Nancy E. Kass, Laura M. Beskow & Jeremy Sugarman - 2016 - Ajob Empirical Bioethics 7 (2):76-91.
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    BRCA1/2 Variant Data-Sharing Practices.Juli M. Bollinger, Abhi Sanka, Lena Dolman, Rachel G. Liao & Robert Cook-Deegan - 2019 - Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 47 (1):88-96.
    Accessing BRCA1/2 data facilitates the detection of disease-associated variants, which is critical to informing clinical management of risks. BRCA1/2 data sharing is complex and many practices exist. We describe current BRCA1/2 data-sharing practices, in the United States and globally, and discuss obstacles and incentives to sharing, based on 28 interviews with personnel at U.S. and non-U.S. clinical laboratories and databases. Our examination of the BRCA1/2 data-sharing landscape demonstrates strong support for and robust sharing of BRCA1/2 data around the world, increasing (...)
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