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    Lawrence Amsel, Spencer Harbo & Amitai Halberstam (2015). There is Nothing to Fear but the Amygdala: Applying Advances in the Neuropsychiatry of Fear to Public Policy. Mind and Society 14 (1):141-152.
  2. Avital Pilpel & Lawrence Amsel (2011). What is Wrong with Rational Suicide. Philosophia 39 (1):111-123.
    Recently, the ‘right to die’ became a major social issue. Few agree suicide is a right tout court. Even those who believe suicide (‘regular’, passive, or physician-assisted) is sometimes morally permissible usually require that a suicide be ‘rational suicide’: instrumentally rational, autonomous, due to stable goals, not due to mental illness, etc. We argue that there are some perfectly ‘rational suicides’ that are, nevertheless, bad mistakes. The concentration on the rationality of the suicide instead of on whether it is a (...)
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