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    Show and Tell: The Role of Language in Categorizing Facial Expression of Emotion.Debi Roberson, Ljubica Damjanovic & Mariko Kikutani - 2010 - Emotion Review 2 (3):255-260.
    We review evidence that language is involved in the establishment and maintenance of adult categories of facial expressions of emotion. We argue that individual and group differences in facial expression interpretation are too great for a fully specified system of categories to be universal and hardwired. Variations in expression categorization, across individuals and groups, favor a model in which an initial “core” system recognizes only the grouping of positive versus negative emotional expressions. The subsequent development of a rich representational structure (...)
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    The Face Advantage in Recalling Episodic Information: Implications for Modeling Human Memory.Ljubica Damjanovic - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (2):309-311.
    Recent evidence comparing recognition memory for famous faces and famous voices reveals an advantage for faces to elicit greater levels of episodic and semantic information than voices, even when overall levels of difficulty are matched between the two modalities. The paper by Barsics and Brédart makes a significant advance to this literature by demonstrating that even when encoding strategies are maximized to favor voice over face encoding by using personally familiar stimuli, facial cues continue to provide a more successful means (...)
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