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Lynn C. Robertson [5]Lynn Robertson [3]
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    Binding, spatial attention and perceptual awareness.Lynn C. Robertson - 2003 - Nature Reviews Neuroscience 4 (2):93-102.
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    Attentional persistence for features of hierarchical patterns.Lynn C. Robertson - 1996 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 125 (3):227.
  3. Sptital deficits and feature integration theory.Lynn Robertson - 2012 - In Jeremy M. Wolfe & Lynn C. Robertson (eds.), From Perception to Consciousness: Searching with Anne Treisman. Oxford University Press.
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    Synesthesia and binding.Bryan D. Alvarez & Lynn C. Robertson - 2013 - In Julia Simner & Edward Hubbard (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia. Oxford University Press. pp. 317.
    Synaesthesia is an excellent model for understanding perceptual binding in the human brain. Current evidence suggests that if synaesthetic colour is bound, it is through the same attention-dependent integration of feature maps that occurs in other forms of binding. synaesthetic colour arises after the point that separate wavelengths blend in normal colour vision, which creates a perceptual paradox where synaesthetic and print colour can appear bound to a single location without blending. If a letter is printed in a colour that (...)
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    There is more than one way to access an image.Lynn C. Robertson - 1984 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 7 (4):568.
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    From Perception to Consciousness: Searching with Anne Treisman.Jeremy Wolfe & Lynn Robertson (eds.) - 2012 - Oxford University Press.
    This volume includes seminal articles published throughout Anne Treisman's scientific career, which are accompanied by chapters from key figures in the field today.
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