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    Fabien Perrin, Caroline Schnakers, Manuel Schabus, Christian Degueldre, Serge Goldman, Serge Brédart, Marie-Elisabeth E. Faymonville, Maurice Lamy, Gustave Moonen, André Luxen, Pierre Maquet & Steven Laureys (2006). Brain Response to One's Own Name in Vegetative State, Minimally Conscious State, and Locked-in Syndrome. Archives of Neurology 63 (4):562-569.
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    Thien Thanh Dang Vu, Manuel Schabus, Martin Desseilles, Sophie Schwartz & Pierre Maquet (2007). Neuroimaging of REM Sleep and Dreaming. In D. Barrett & P. McNamara (eds.), The New Science of Dreaming. Praeger Publishers.
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    Christophe Phillips, Athena Demertzi, Manuel Schabus & Quentin Noirhomme, Two Distinct Neuronal Networks Mediate the Awareness of Environment and of Self.
    ■ Evidence from functional neuroimaging studies on resting state suggests that there are two distinct anticorrelated cortical systems that mediate conscious awareness: an “extrinsic” system that encompasses lateral fronto-parietal areas and has been linked with processes of external input (external awareness), and an “intrinsic” system which encompasses mainly medial brain areas and..
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  4. Renata del Giudice, Christine Blume, Malgorzata Wislowska, Julia Lechinger, Dominik P. J. Heib, Gerald Pichler, Johann Donis, Gabriele Michitsch, Maria-Teresa Gnjezda, Mauricio Chinchilla, Calixto Machado & Manuel Schabus (2016). Can Self-Relevant Stimuli Help Assessing Patients with Disorders of Consciousness? Consciousness and Cognition 44:51-60.