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    Context-Dependent Abduction and Relevance.Dov Gabbay, Rolf Nossum & John Woods - 2006 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 35 (1):65-81.
    Based on the premise that what is relevant, consistent, or true may change from context to context, a formal framework of relevance and context is proposed in which • contexts are mathematical entities • each context has its own language with relevant implication • the languages of distinct contexts are connected by embeddings • inter-context deduction is supported by bridge rules • databases are sets of formulae tagged with deductive histories and the contexts they belong to • abduction and revision (...)
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    Propositional Logic for Ground Semigroups of Context.Rolf Nossum - 2002 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 10 (3):273-297.
    A propositional framework of formal reasoning is proposed, which emphasises the pattern of entering and exiting context. Contexts are modelled by an algebraic structure which reflects the order and manner in which context is entered into and exited from.The equations of the algebra partitions context terms into equivalence classes. A formal semantics is defined, containing models that map equivalence classes of certain context terms to sets of interpretations of the formula language. The corresponding Hilbert system incorporates the algebraic equations as (...)
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  3. A Decidable Multi-Modal Logic of Context.Rolf Nossum - 2003 - Journal of Applied Logic 1 (1-2):119-133.
  4. Corrigendum to “A Decidable Multi-Modal Logic of Context” [Journal of Applied Logic 1 119–133].Rolf Nossum - 2006 - Journal of Applied Logic 4 (1):115.