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    Stephen Chak Tornay (1936). William of Ockham's Nominalism. Philosophical Review 45 (3):245-267.
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    Stephen Chak Tornay (1938). Ockham: Studies and Selections. La Salle, Ill., The Open Court Publishing Company.
    Studies: Ockham's nominalism. Ockham's natural philosophy. Ockham's ethical philosophy. Ockham's political philosophy.-- Selections: Logic. Theory of knowledge and metaphysics. On the ideas of God. Natural philosophy. Ethical philosophy. Philosophy of religion. From the hundred theological sayings. Political philosophy.-- Appendix.-- Bibliography (p. 205-207).
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    Stephen Chak Tornay (1943). Averroes' Doctrine of the Mind. Philosophical Review 52 (3):270-288.
  4. Stephen Chak Tornay (1936). The Nominalism of William of Ockham. New york.
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  5. Stephen Chak Tornay (1934). William Ockham's Philosophy.
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