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    Moving Beyond ERP Components: A Selective Review of Approaches to Integrate EEG and Behavior.David A. Bridwell, James F. Cavanagh, Anne G. E. Collins, Michael D. Nunez, Ramesh Srinivasan, Sebastian Stober & Vince D. Calhoun - 2018 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12.
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    Dynamic Connectivity States Estimated From Resting fMRI Identify Differences Among Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Healthy Control Subjects.Barnaly Rashid, Eswar Damaraju, Godfrey D. Pearlson & Vince D. Calhoun - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Psychopathic Traits Modulate Brain Responses to Drug Cues in Incarcerated Offenders.Lora M. Cope, Gina M. Vincent, Justin L. Jobelius, Prashanth K. Nyalakanti, Vince D. Calhoun & Kent A. Kiehl - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    A Selective Review of Multimodal Fusion Methods in Schizophrenia.Jing Sui, Qingbao Yu, Hao He, Godfrey D. Pearlson & Vince D. Calhoun - 2012 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 6.
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    Decomposing the Brain: Components and Modes, Networks and Nodes.Vince D. Calhoun, Tom Eichele, Tülay Adalı & Elena A. Allen - 2012 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 16 (5):255-256.
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    Distinct Neuronal Patterns of Positive and Negative Moral Processing in Psychopathy.Samantha J. Fede, Jana Schaich Borg, Prashanth K. Nyalakanti, Carla L. Hare, Lora M. Cope, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Mike Koenigs, Vince D. Calhoun & Kent A. Kiehl - 2016 - Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience 16 (6):1074–1085.
    Psychopathy is a disorder characterized by severe and frequent moral violations in multiple domains of life. Numerous studies have shown psychopathy-related limbic brain abnormalities during moral processing; however, these studies only examined negatively valenced moral stimuli. Here, we aimed to replicate prior psychopathy research on negative moral judgments and to extend this work by examining psychopathy-related abnormalities in the processing of controversial moral stimuli and positive moral processing. Incarcerated adult males (N = 245) completed a functional magnetic resonance imaging protocol (...)
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    Associations Between Functional Connectivity Dynamics and BOLD Dynamics Are Heterogeneous Across Brain Networks.Zening Fu, Yiheng Tu, Xin Di, Bharat B. Biswal, Vince D. Calhoun & Zhiguo Zhang - 2017 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11.
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    Genetic Markers of White Matter Integrity in Schizophrenia Revealed by Parallel ICA.Cota Navin Gupta, Jiayu Chen, Jingyu Liu, Eswar Damaraju, Carrie Wright, Nora I. Perrone-Bizzozero, Godfrey Pearlson, Li Luo, Andrew M. Michael, Jessica A. Turner & Vince D. Calhoun - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
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    Multimodal Imaging Measures Predict Rearrest.Vaughn R. Steele, Eric D. Claus, Eyal Aharoni, Gina M. Vincent, Vince D. Calhoun & Kent A. Kiehl - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.