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  1. added 2015-06-25
    Marco Solinas (2015). Forme della psicoanalisi e teoria del riconoscimento. La psiche intersoggettiva di Axel Honneth. Psicoterapia E Scienze Umane (2):221-242.
    "Patterns of psychoanalysis and theory of recognition. Axel Honneth’s intersubjective psyche". An overview of the several scopes and patterns used over time by Axel Honneth in his “theory of recognition” is presented. After a discussion of the use of object relations theory (especially with reference to D.W. Winnicott’s contributions) in Honneth’s 1992 book Struggle for Recognition, the theoretical revision of psychoanalysis in light of his theory of recognition is examined. Finally, Honneth’s suggestion of a new alliance between a renewed “critical (...)
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  2. added 2015-05-29
    John Corcoran & Wagner Sanz (2008). Disbelief Logic Complements Belief Logic. Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 14:436.
    JOHN CORCORAN AND WAGNER SANZ, Disbelief Logic Complements Belief Logic. Philosophy, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260-4150 USA E-mail: Filosofia, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiás, GO 74001-970 Brazil E-mail: -/- Consider two doxastic states belief and disbelief. Belief is taking a proposition to be true and disbelief taking it to be false. Judging also dichotomizes: accepting a proposition results in belief and rejecting in disbelief. Stating follows suit: asserting a proposition conveys belief and denying conveys disbelief. Traditional logic (...)
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