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  1. B. I. B. Lindahl, Aant Elzinga & Alfred Welljams-Dorof (1998). Credit for Discoveries: Citation Data as a Basis for History of Science Analysis. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 19 (6):609-620.score: 300.0
    Citation data have become an increasingly significant source of information for historians, sociologists, and other researchers studying the evolution of science. In the past few decades elaborate methodologies have been developed for the use of citation data in the study of the modern history of science. This article focuses on how citation indexes make it possible to trace the background and development of discoveries as well as to assess the credit that publishing scientists assign to particular discoverers. Kuhn's notion of (...)
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  2. M. Deruiter, R. Phaf, B. Elzinga & R. Dyck (2004). Dissociative Style and Individual Differences in Verbal Working Memory Span. Consciousness and Cognition 13 (4):821-828.score: 240.0