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  1. Darren Abramson (2011). Philosophy of Mind Is (in Part) Philosophy of Computer Science. Minds and Machines 21 (2):203-219.
    In this paper I argue that whether or not a computer can be built that passes the Turing test is a central question in the philosophy of mind. Then I show that the possibility of building such a computer depends on open questions in the philosophy of computer science: the physical Church-Turing thesis and the extended Church-Turing thesis. I use the link between the issues identified in philosophy of mind and philosophy of computer science to respond to a prominent argument (...)
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    Darren Abramson (2011). Descartes' Influence on Turing. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 42 (4):544-551.
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    Darren Abramson (2008). Turing's Responses to Two Objections. Minds and Machines 18 (2):147-167.
    In this paper I argue that Turing’s responses to the mathematical objection are straightforward, despite recent claims to the contrary. I then go on to show that by understanding the importance of learning machines for Turing as related not to the mathematical objection, but to Lady Lovelace’s objection, we can better understand Turing’s response to Lady Lovelace’s objection. Finally, I argue that by understanding Turing’s responses to these objections more clearly, we discover a hitherto unrecognized, substantive thesis in his philosophical (...)
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    Darren Abramson (2004). Review of “Rationality in Action”. [REVIEW] Essays in Philosophy 5 (2):2.
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    Darren Abramson (2009). Book Review: "Supersizing the Mind" by Andy Clark. [REVIEW] International Journal of Machine Consciousness 1 (2):299-304.
  6. Darren Abramson (2007). Chapter Twelve Growing Minds, Computability, and the Potentially Infinite Darren Abramson. In Soraj Hongladarom (ed.), Computing and Philosophy in Asia. Cambridge Scholars Pub. 179.
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