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Dick Bierman [3]Dick J. Bierman [2]
  1. Dick Bierman (2003). Does Consciousness Collapse the Wave-Packet? Mind and Matter 1 (1):45-57.
    The 'subjective reduction' interpretation of measurement in quantum physics proposes that the collapse of the wave-packet, associated with measurement, is due to the consciousness of human observers. A refined conceptual replication of an earlier experiment, designed and carried out to test this interpretation in the 1970s, is reported. Two improvements are introduced. First, the delay between pre-observation and final observation of the same quantum event is increased from a few microseconds in the original experiment to one second in this replication. (...)
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    Dick J. Bierman & Stephen Whitmarsh (2006). Consciousness and Quantum Physics: Empirical Research on the Subjective Reduction of the Statevector. In J. Tuszynski (ed.), The Emerging Physics of Consciousness. Springer-Verlag 27--48.
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    Dick Bierman (2001). On the Nature of Anamalous Phenomena: Another Reality Between the World of Subjective Consciousness and the Objective World of Physics? In P. Loockvane (ed.), The Physical Nature of Consciousness. John Benjamins 29--269.
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    Dick J. Bierman & D. I. Radin (1999). Conscious and Anomalous Non-Conscious Emotional Processes: A Reversal of the Arrow of Time. In S. Hameroff, A. Kaszniak & David Chalmers (eds.), Toward a Science of Consciousness Iii: The Third Tucson Discussions and Debates. MIT Press 367--385.
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  5. Dick Bierman (1998). Do Psi Phenomena Suggest Radical Dualism? In Stuart R. Hameroff, Alfred W. Kaszniak & A. C. Scott (eds.), Toward a Science of Consciousness II. MIT Press
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