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Aderemi Artis
University of Michigan - Flint
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    The Argument from Extreme Difficulty in Video Games.Aderemi Artis - 2021 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 79 (1):64-75.
    Many video games require complex, rapid sequences of skilled bodily movements in order to complete game-world tasks. It is not unreasonable to think that this might interfere with our ability to aesthetically appreciate such video games. I present two versions of this argument from extreme difficulty: a strong version and a weak version. While extant treatments of the aesthetics of video games can be used to rebut the strong version, the weak version remains recalcitrant. I develop a reply to the (...)
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    Children and Mixed Martial Arts.Aderemi Artis - 2022 - Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 16 (4):607-622.
    J. S. Russell has argued that it is morally permissible for children to participate in dangerous sports and that much of value can be gained from such participation. He attempts to justify children’s participation in dangerous sport with two arguments, which he calls the common sense view and the uncommon sense view, and I apply the basic reasons given in these general arguments to the specific case of justifying children’s participation in mixed martial arts (MMA). To safeguard against wanton and (...)
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    Trinitarian Roots of Francis Bacon’s Pragmatism.Aderemi Artis - 2019 - Heythrop Journal 60 (2):197-204.
    From his earliest publications until his last, Francis Bacon displayed an intense interest in theo- logical and religious issues, and expressed this interest in both public and private. On the other hand, he has long been recognized for his proposals for a grand reform and reconstruction of natural philosophy, in which experience, observation, experiment, and technological implementation of abstract claims all took center stage. This practical bent has often neatly been encapsu- lated in the slogan derived from Bacon himself, ‘knowledge (...)
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  4. Locke and original sin.Aderemi Artis - 2012 - Locke Studies 12:201-219.
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    Trinitarian Roots of Francis Bacon’s Pragmatism.Aderemi Artis - 2015 - Heythrop Journal 56 (2).
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    Cultivating Personhood: Kant and Asian Philosophy. Edited by Stephen R. Palmquist.Aderemi Artis - 2014 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 41 (3-4):530-534.