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    Demystifying Social Cognition: A Hebbian Perspective.Christian Keysers & David I. Perrett - 2004 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 8 (11):501-507.
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    Imitation, Mirror Neurons and Autism.Justin H. G. Williams, Andrew Whiten, Thomas Suddendorf & David I. Perrett - unknown
    Various deficits in the cognitive functioning of people with autism have been documented in recent years but these provide only partial explanations for the condition. We focus instead on an imitative disturbance involving difficulties both in copying actions and in inhibiting more stereotyped mimicking, such as echolalia. A candidate for the neural basis of this disturbance may be found in a recently discovered class of neurons in frontal cortex, 'mirror neurons' (MNs). These neurons show activity in relation both to specific (...)
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    Facial Expression Megamix: Tests of Dimensional and Category Accounts of Emotion Recognition.Andrew W. Young, Duncan Rowland, Andrew J. Calder, Nancy L. Etcoff, Anil Seth & David I. Perrett - 1997 - Cognition 63 (3):271-313.
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    Visual Masking and RSVP Reveal Neural Competition.Christian Keysers & David I. Perrett - 2002 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 6 (3):120-125.
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    The World Smiles at Me: Self-Referential Positivity Bias When Interpreting Direction of Attention.Janek S. Lobmaier & David I. Perrett - 2011 - Cognition and Emotion 25 (2):334-341.
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    Pathogen Disgust Sensitivity Changes According to the Perceived Harshness of the Environment.Carlota Batres & David I. Perrett - forthcoming - Cognition and Emotion:1-7.
    ABSTRACTMuch research has explored behaviours that are linked with disgust sensitivity. Few studies, however, have been devoted to understanding how fixed or variable disgust sensitivity is. We therefore aimed to examine whether disgust sensitivity can change with the environment by repeatedly testing students whose environment was not changing as well as student cadets undergoing intensive training at an army camp. We found that an increase in the perceived harshness of the environment was associated with a decrease in pathogen disgust sensitivity. (...)
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    Familiarity with Own Population’s Appearance Influences Facial Preferences.Carlota Batres, Mallini Kannan & David I. Perrett - 2017 - Human Nature 28 (3):344-354.
    Previous studies have found that individuals from rural areas in Malaysia and in El Salvador prefer heavier women than individuals from urban areas. Several explanations have been proposed to explain these differences in weight preferences but no study has explored familiarity as a possible explanation. We therefore sought to investigate participants’ face preferences while also examining the facial characteristics of the actual participants. Our results showed that participants from rural areas preferred heavier-looking female faces than participants from urban areas. We (...)
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    Eyelid-Openness and Mouth Curvature Influence Perceived Intelligence Beyond Attractiveness.Sean N. Talamas, Kenneth I. Mavor, John Axelsson, Tina Sundelin & David I. Perrett - 2016 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 145 (5):603-620.
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    Caricaturing Facial Expressions.Andrew J. Calder, Duncan Rowland, Andrew W. Young, Ian Nimmo-Smith, Jill Keane & David I. Perrett - 2000 - Cognition 76 (2):105-146.
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    Hebbian Learning is About Contingency, Not Contiguity, and Explains the Emergence of Predictive Mirror Neurons.Christian Keysers, David I. Perrett & Valeria Gazzola - 2014 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37 (2):205-206.
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    The Influence of Body Composition Effects on Male Facial Masculinity and Attractiveness.Xue Lei, Iris J. Holzleitner & David I. Perrett - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    What Competition?Christian Keysers & David I. Perrett - 2002 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 6 (3):119.
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    Own Attractiveness and Perceived Relationship Quality Shape Sensitivity in Women’s Memory for Other Men on the Attractiveness Dimension.Christopher D. Watkins, Mike J. Nicholls, Carlota Batres, Dengke Xiao, Sean Talamas & David I. Perrett - 2017 - Cognition 163:146-154.
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    Hebbian Learning.Christian Keysers & David I. Perrett - 2004 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 8 (11):501-507.
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    Attention to Detail?Malcolm P. Young, Ian R. Paterson & David I. Perrett - 1989 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 12 (3):417-418.