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Marcelo Coniglio
University of Campinas
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    Paraconsistent Logic: Consistency, Contradiction and Negation.Walter Carnielli & Marcelo Esteban Coniglio - 2016 - Basel, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. Edited by Marcelo Esteban Coniglio.
    This book is the first in the field of paraconsistency to offer a comprehensive overview of the subject, including connections to other logics and applications in information processing, linguistics, reasoning and argumentation, and philosophy of science. It is recommended reading for anyone interested in the question of reasoning and argumentation in the presence of contradictions, in semantics, in the paradoxes of set theory and in the puzzling properties of negation in logic programming. Paraconsistent logic comprises a major logical theory and (...)
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    Weakly Free Multialgebras.Marcelo Esteban Coniglio & Guilherme Vicentin de Toledo - 2022 - Bulletin of the Section of Logic 51 (1):109-141.
    In abstract algebraic logic, many systems, such as those paraconsistent logics taking inspiration from da Costa's hierarchy, are not algebraizable by even the broadest standard methodologies, as that of Blok and Pigozzi. However, these logics can be semantically characterized by means of non-deterministic algebraic structures such as Nmatrices, RNmatrices and swap structures. These structures are based on multialgebras, which generalize algebras by allowing the result of an operation to assume a non-empty set of values. This leads to an interest in (...)
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    Recovering a logic from its fragments by meta-fibring.Marcelo Esteban Coniglio - 2007 - Logica Universalis 1 (2):377-416.
    . In this paper we address the question of recovering a logic system by combining two or more fragments of it. We show that, in general, by fibring two or more fragments of a given logic the resulting logic is weaker than the original one, because some meta-properties of the connectives are lost after the combination process. In order to overcome this problem, the categories Mcon and Seq of multiple-conclusion consequence relations and sequent calculi, respectively, are introduced. The main feature (...)
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    A Category of Ordered Algebras Equivalent to the Category of Multialgebras.Marcelo Esteban Coniglio & Guilherme V. Toledo - 2020 - Bulletin of the Section of Logic:33 pp..
    It is well known that there is a correspondence between sets and complete, atomic Boolean algebras (\(\textit{CABA}\)s) taking a set to its power-set and, conversely, a complete, atomic Boolean algebra to its set of atomic elements. Of course, such a correspondence induces an equivalence between the opposite category of \(\textbf{Set}\) and the category of \(\textit{CABA}\)s. We modify this result by taking multialgebras over a signature \(\Sigma\), specifically those whose non-deterministic operations cannot return the empty-set, to \(\textit{CABA}\)s with their zero element (...)
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