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Profile: Nathan Salmon (University of California at Santa Barbara, City University of New York)
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    Nathan U. Salmon (2005). Reference and Essence. Prometheus Books.
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    Nathan U. Salmon (1986). Frege's Puzzle. Ridgeview.
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    Nathan U. Salmon (2005). Metaphysics, Mathematics, and Meaning. Oxford University Press.
    Metaphysics, Mathematics, and Meaning brings together Nathan Salmon's influential papers on topics in the metaphysics of existence, non-existence, and fiction; modality and its logic; strict identity, including personal identity; numbers and numerical quantifiers; the philosophical significance of Godel's Incompleteness theorems; and semantic content and designation. Including a previously unpublished essay and a helpful new introduction to orient the reader, the volume offers rich and varied sustenance for philosophers and logicians.
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  4. Nathan U. Salmon & Scott Soames (eds.) (1988). Propositions and Attitudes. Oxford University Press.
    The concept of a proposition is important in several areas of philosophy and central to the philosophy of language. This collection of readings investigates many different philosophical issues concerning the nature of propositions and the ways they have been regarded through the years. Reflecting both the history of the topic and the range of contemporary views, the book includes articles from Bertrand Russell, Gottlob Frege, the Russell-Frege Correspondence, Alonzo Church, David Kaplan, John Perry, Saul Kripke, Hilary Putnam, Mark Richard, Scott (...)
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  5. Nathan Ucuzoglu Salmon (1979). How Not to Derive Essentialism From the Theory of Reference. Journal of Philosophy 76 (12):703-725.
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    Nathan U. Salmon (1982). Assertion and Incomplete Definite Descriptions. Philosophical Studies 42 (1):37--45.
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    Nathan U. Salmon (2007). Content, Cognition, and Communication. Oxford University Press.
    The volume concludes with four essays about the distinction between meaning and use, or more generally, the distinction between semantics and pragmatics.
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    Nathan Ucuzoglu Salmon (1979). Names and Descriptions by Leonard Linsky. [REVIEW] Journal of Philosophy 76 (8):436-452.
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  9. Nathan Ucuzoglu Salmon (1979). Essentialism in Current Theories of Reference. Dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles
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