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    Which of Two Individuals Do You Treat When Only Their Ages Are Different and You Can't Treat Both?P. A. Lewis & M. Charny - 1989 - Journal of Medical Ethics 15 (1):28-34.
    A relative value of life dependent on age has been produced from a survey of 721 randomly selected individuals together with other observations of professional practice. The results are presented in diagrammatic form. If two identical people, except for age, present for medical treatment for a life-threatening condition and only one can be treated then the diagram indicates what the choice should be.
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  2. Memory for Time: A Continuous Clock.P. A. Lewis & R. C. Miall - 2006 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 10:401-406.
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    On the Political Economy of Neo-Liberalism: A Review of The Rise of the Market: Critical Essays on the Political Economy of Neo-Liberalism. [REVIEW]P. A. Lewis - 2006 - Economics and Philosophy 22 (2):289-295.
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    Resource Allocation: Whose Realism?P. A. Lewis - 1990 - Journal of Medical Ethics 16 (3):132-133.
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    Recent Developments in Economic Methodology: The Rhetorical and Ontological Turns. [REVIEW]P. A. Lewis - 2003 - Foundations of Science 8 (1):51-68.
    Recent developments in themethodology of economics have drawn uponpragmatist and realist philosophies of socialscience. These recent developments areoutlined. It is argued that a specific variantof realist philosophy known as critical realismcan provide the basis for a prescriptiveeconomic methodology that is not susceptible topragmatist criticisms.
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