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  1. The Structure of Metaphor: The Way the Language of Metaphor Works.Roger M. White - 1996 - Blackwell.
    This volume provides a philosophical introduction to and analysis of the study of metaphor. By proceeding from the concrete analysis of complex metaphors, White is able to identify a range of features which are incompatible with standard accounts of the way words function in metaphor.
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  2. Talking About God: The Concept of Analogy and the Problem of Religious Language.Roger M. White - 2009 - Ashgate.
    Introduction -- The mathematical roots of the concept of analogy -- Aristotle : the uses of analogy -- Aristotle : analogy and language -- Thomas Aquinas -- Immanuel Kant -- Karl Barth -- Final reflections.
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    Political Corruption and Firm Value in the U.S.: Do Rents and Monitoring Matter?Nerissa C. Brown, Jared D. Smith, Roger M. White & Chad J. Zutter - forthcoming - Journal of Business Ethics:1-17.
    Political corruption imposes substantial costs on shareholders in the U.S. Yet, we understand little about the basic factors that exacerbate or mitigate the value consequences of political corruption. Using federal corruption convictions data, we find that firm-level economic rents and monitoring mechanisms moderate the negative relation between corruption and firm value. The value consequences of political corruption are exacerbated for firms operating in low-rent product markets and mitigated for firms subject to external monitoring by state governments or monitoring induced by (...)
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    Literal Meaning and “Figurative Meaning”.Roger M. White - 2001 - Theoria 67 (1):24-59.
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    Peter Geach and “The Frege Point”.Roger M. White - 2015 - Philosophical Investigations 38 (1-2):133-149.
    Peter Geach frequently showed the relevance of some of Frege's insights to contemporary philosophical debates, such as that which Geach called “the Frege Point” – “a proposition may occur in discourse now asserted, now unasserted, and yet be recognizably the same proposition”. Geach argued against a variety of “expressivist” accounts of certain propositions that their proponents could not explain the significance of such propositions in subordinate clauses. The paper extends Geach's argument to show that “the Frege Point” presents a powerful (...)
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    Mary Geach and Luke Gormally , Logic, Truth and Meaning: Writings by G. E. M. Anscombe . Xix + 317, Price £40.00hb, £19.95 Pb. [REVIEW]Roger M. White - 2016 - Philosophical Investigations 39 (4):396-399.
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