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    Folk Psychology and the Philosophy of Mind.Scott M. Christensen & Dale R. Turner (eds.) - 1993 - L. Erlbaum.
    Within the past ten years, the discussion of the nature of folk psychology and its role in explaining behavior and thought has become central to the philosophy of mind. However, no comprehensive account of the contemporary debate or collection of the works that make up this debate has yet been available. Intending to fill this gap, this volume begins with the crucial background for the contemporary debate and proceeds with a broad range of responses to and developments of these works (...)
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  2. The Future of Folk Psychology: Intentionality and Cognitive Science.John D. Greenwood, Radu J. Bogdan, Scott M. Christensen & Dale R. Turner - 1994 - Philosophical Quarterly 44 (175):246-251.
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  3. Appearance in This List Does Not Preclude a Future Review of the Book. Where They Are Known Prices Are Either Given in $ US or in£ UK. Alcoff, Linda and Potter, Elizabeth (Eds.), Feminist Epistemologies, London, UK, Rout-Ledge, 1993, Pp. 312,£ 35.00,£ 12.99. [REVIEW]Ian Angus, Lenore Langsdorf, S. Atran, Robert M. Baird, Stuart E. Rosembaum, C. Bonelli Munegato, Scott M. Christensen, Dale R. Turner, Bohdan Dziemidok & Peter Engelmann - 1993 - Mind 102:406.
  4. AJ Hoover, Friedrich Nietzsche: His Life and Thought Reviewed By.Scott M. Christensen - 1995 - Philosophy in Review 15 (3):177-179.
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