1. Jean Naudin & Jean-Michel Azorin (2001). Schizophrenia and the Void. Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 8 (4):291-293.
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    Jean-Michel Azorin & Jean Naudin (1997). The Hallucinatory Epoché1. Journal of Phenomenological Psychology 28 (2):171-195.
    This paper focuses on the phenomenological significance of schizophrenics' auditory hallucinations and begins with the face-to-face relationship in order to describe the schizophrenic experience. Following European psychiatrists like Blackenburg and Tatossian, the authors compare the bracketing of reality in the Husserlian phenomenological reduction with that of the hallucinatory experience. "Hallucinatory epoché" is used to refer to the schizophrenic way to experiencing auditory hallucinations. The problem of intentionality is then discussed, in addition to that of dialogue, internal time, living body, and (...)
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    Jean-Michel Azorin & Jean Naudin (1997). Commentary on "Edmund Husserl's Influence on Karl Jaspers's Phenomenology". Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 4 (1):37-39.