1. The American Philosophical Association Eastern Division: Abstracts of Papers to Be Read at the Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting, Harvard University, December 27-29, 1957. [REVIEW]John W. Lenz, Paul Oskar Kristeller, Willis Doney, Norman Kretzmann, Colin Murray Turbayne, Arthur Pap, E. M. Adams, T. A. Goudge, Edward H. Madden, Rudolf Allers, Hans Jonas, Lawrence W. Beals, Philip Nochlin, Ethel M. Albert, Mary Mothersill, John W. Blyth, Hector N. Castañeda, Milton C. Nahm & Joseph Margolis - 1957 - Journal of Philosophy 54 (24):773-794.
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  2.  34
    Carnap on Defining "Degree of Confirmation".John W. Lenz - 1956 - Philosophy of Science 23 (3):230-236.
  3.  6
    Hume's Defense of Causal Inference.John W. Lenz & The Editors - 1958 - Journal of the History of Ideas 19 (4):559.
  4.  20
    Locke's Essays on the Law of Nature.John W. Lenz - 1956 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 17 (1):105-113.
  5.  23
    Problems for the Practicalist's Justification of Induction.John W. Lenz - 1958 - Philosophical Studies 9 (1-2):4 - 8.
  6.  26
    A Scholastic Look at Modern Philosophy.Modern Philosophy: Descartes to Kant, Edited by Etienne Gilson and Thomas Langon.John W. Lenz - 1964 - Review of Metaphysics 18 (2):293 - 300.
    Modern Philosophy, the third volume in the history of philosophy series edited by Etienne Gilson, is a comprehensive critical study of philosophical thought from Descartes to Kant. Containing detailed discussions of individual figures, both major and minor, it treats not only their metaphysical and epistemological views but also their philosophies of art, religion, morals, and politics. It presents the historical settings in which they wrote and shows the dialectical interplay among their views. As Gilson and Langan point out, there inevitably (...)
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    On Carnap: Reflections of A.Norman Martin, Robert Palter, Stanley Tennenbaum & John W. Lenz - 1996 - In Sahotra Sarkar (ed.), The Legacy of the Vienna Circle: Modern Reappraisals. Garland. pp. 247.
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