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Raji C. Steineck
University of Zürich
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    Introduction: The Concept of Philosophy in Asia and the Islamic World.Robert H. Gassmann, Elena L. Lange, Angelika Malinar, Ulrich Rudolph, Raji C. Steineck & Ralph Weber - 2018 - In Raji C. Steineck, Ralph Weber, Robert H. Gassmann & Elena L. Lange (eds.), Concepts of Philosophy in Asia and the Islamic World, vol. 1: China and Japan. Boston, USA: Brill. pp. 1-52.
    This introductory chapter reviews the history of the reception of philosophy from Asia and the Islamic World in Western philosophy and argues in favor of conceptualizing philosophy from a more globally informed point of view.
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    Auf Nichts gebaut.Raji C. Steineck - 2018 - Fichte-Studien 46:127-150.
    Nishida Kitarō is considered by many as the most important 20th century Japanese philosopher for his ability to employ modern concepts and terminologies, and use them to construct a unique system carrying a distinctly East Asian flavour. In this system, the notion of nothingness plays a fundamental part both in terms of epistemology and ontology. While this conceptual choice was also inspired by Buddhist sources, Nishida also drew on the theoretical philosophy of Hermann Cohen to elaborate, how nothingness could function (...)
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  3. Concepts of Philosophy in Asia and the Islamic World, Vol. 1: China and Japan.Raji C. Steineck, Elena L. Lange, Ralph Weber & Robert H. Gassmann (eds.) - 2018 - Leiden, Boston: Brill.
    _Concepts of Philosophy_ challenges received conceptions of philosophy by way of critical engagement with Chinese and Japanese sources. Built on philologically sound readings of specific texts, the book lifts the discussion on the concept of philosophy to a global plane.
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