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    Sign and Hyle: Re-Reading Derrida’s Critique of Husserl Through the Bernau Manuscripts.Sai Hang Kwok - 2019 - Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 50 (3):234-248.
    ABSTRACTDerrida’s philosophy starts with a law stated in The Problem of Genesis in Husserl’s Philosophy: “No analysis could present, make present in its phenomenon or reduce to the point-like nature of the element, instantaneous and identical to itself.” This “law” is derived from a critique of Husserl’s transcendental phenomenology, which, according to Derrida, demonstrates the impossibility of reducing phenomena to a single origin. In this paper, I argue that Derrida’s critique is based on an omission of the Bernau Manuscripts, within (...)
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    Zhuangzi’s Philosophy of Thing.Sai Hang Kwok - 2016 - Asian Philosophy 26 (4):294-310.
    It is usually believed that the concept of ‘qiwu 齊物’ in the Zhuangzi means ‘equalizing things’. This reading of the Zhuangzi, however, presupposes that things are originally separated and exist independently. The equality of things is just a mental construct in a specific state of mind. In this paper, we will argue that this reading does not stand; what Zhuangzi does in the ‘Qiwulun 齊物論’is to examine how myriad things are created from the original oneness. According to Zhuangzi’s philosophy of (...)
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