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Summary By Christianity philosophers usually mean the claims that Christians take to be Christian doctrines and the religious practice that is based on them. Among these claims some are taken to be revealed doctrine (e.g. forgiveness through Christ's death), some are taken to be knowable without revelation but confirmed by revelation (e.g. the existence of God). Some Christians believes that God reveals doctrines only through the Bible, others believe that he reveals doctrines through their church too. Some Christian doctrines are more controversial among those who consider themselves Christians than others. This category includes texts that discuss claims which are believed to be (or related to) revealed Christian doctrine and not knowable without revelation, while texts discussing question x ‘from a Christian point of view‘ are categorized under x rather than here.
Key works Philosophical investigations of Christian doctrines often are classified as ‘philosophical theology’. Anthologies are Flint & Rea 2009 and Rea 2009 (two volumes). Also the term ‘analytic theology‘ is used. Crisp & Rea 2009 is an anthology with this title.
Introductions The anthologies listed above provide introductions. Davis 2006 is an introduction too.
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  1. Christian Asceticism and Modern Man. [REVIEW]C. P. A. - 1956 - Review of Metaphysics 10 (1):187-187.
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  4. Confessing Christ A Quest for Renewal in Contemporary Christianity.William J. Abraham - 1997 - Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology 51 (2):117-129.
    As mainline Protestantism increasingly accommodates to contemporary cultural forms, the confessing movement of the United Methodist Church (and other traditions) has a key role to play, lifting high the rich canonical heritage of the church universal.
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    In his identity, words, and deeds Jesus of Nazareth provides the possibility and promise of ministry in his name.
  8. Mark as Interpreter of the Jesus Traditions.Paul J. Achtemeier - 1978 - Interpretation 32 (4):339-352.
    The hermeneutical key to reading and interpreting the Gospel of Mark is the role which the Evangelist has given to the passion of Jesus as the primary perspective for understanding all the other traditions about Jesus incorporated in the Gospel.
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  14. Il pensiero di san Tommaso e l'attuale prassi della concelebrazione.Miroslav Adam - 2009 - Lumen Veritatis 2:47-57.
  15. The Poetics of Christian Engagement: Living Compassionately in a Sexual Politics of Meat World.Carol J. Adams - 2017 - Studies in Christian Ethics 30 (1):45-59.
    One of the central features of Western existence is the objectification and use of other beings in creating the subjectification of human beings. My argument is for a Christian veganism that rejects the dependence of the subject on the object status of other beings. The roadblocks to recognizing the necessity for Christian veganism I call the pedagogy of the oppressor. I propose that one way to change the subject-object relationship is a poetics of Christian engagement. Christian veganism may seem a (...)
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  22. Another Reformation: Postliberal Christianity and the Jews by Peter Ochs , Ix + 278 Pp. [REVIEW]Nicholas Adams - 2014 - Modern Theology 30 (1):186-189.
  23. Aportes sobre ética cristã.José Adriano - 2009 - Lumen Veritatis 2:9-32.
  24. Book Review: Stan Goff, Borderline: Reflections on War, Sex, and ChurchGoffStan, Borderline: Reflections on War, Sex, and Church . Xxiii + 446 Pp. £32.50. ISBN 978-0-7188-9407-8. [REVIEW]Shawn Aghajan - 2016 - Studies in Christian Ethics 29 (3):350-353.
  25. Book Review: Stan Goff, Borderline: Reflections on War, Sex, and Church. [REVIEW]Shawn Aghajan - 2016 - Studies in Christian Ethics 29 (3):350-353.
  26. John Henry Newman's Anglican Views on Judaism.Steven D. Aguzzi - 2010 - Newman Studies Journal 7 (1):56-72.
    The scant scholarship associated with Newman’s Anglican views about Judaism has focused on his negative rhetoric against Judaism and portrayed him as anti-Semitic. His Anglican writings, however, applied terms associated with Judaism in a typological sense to the political and religious realities of his day, primarily to support his apologetic agenda and to highlight threats to the Church of England. Simultaneously, he stressed the positive characteristics of Judaism, illustrated the continuity between Judaism and Christianity, and pointed out that the religious (...)
  27. From Game Theoretical Accounts of Cooperation to Meta-Ethical Choices.Arif Ahmed - 2013 - Studies in Christian Ethics 26 (2):176-183.
    Evolutionary game theory is ethically neutral: its assumption of ‘rationality’ has nothing to do with selfishness but is in fact entirely compatible with altruism. If altruism has an evolutionary explanation then this fact is of no theological relevance: in particular it is not any sort of evidence of a divine plan etc.
  28. Decolonization of the Lifeworld by Reconstructing the System: A Critical Dialogue Between Jurgen Habermas and Reinhold Niebuhr.I. Ahn - 2009 - Studies in Christian Ethics 22 (3):290-313.
    For all Habermas's remarkable contribution to moral theory, his discourse ethics has left behind some debatable points. In particular, `delinguistified media' such as money and power have been excluded from the domain of moral discourse. The exclusion of money and power from the domain of moral discourse has also motivated Habermas to develop an idea of `colonization of lifeworld by system' by giving us the impression that the delinguistified media are the main culprit of colonizing the lifeworld. In this article, (...)
  29. John Hick and Comparative Philosophy.Shin Ahn - 2008 - Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 8:15-21.
    Buddhism and Christianity have been main religions in contemporary Korea. In order to overcome their antipathies and conflicts, some philosophers of religion have suggested possible models for religious harmony and coexistence. This paper will examine John Hick's theory of religious pluralism by analyzing his autobiography and philosophical arguments. Korean scholars of religion have attempted to understand his theory in various ways, including philosophical, phenomenological, and psychological ones. Pointing out that Hick's pluralistic position, which has formed in a particular context, has (...)
  30. On “the Gift” in Tanner's Theology: A Patristic Parable.David Albertson - 2005 - Modern Theology 21 (1):107-118.
  31. From the Stone Age to Christianity.William Foxwell Albright - 1957 - Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday.
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  33. Is There a Christian Philosophy?R. F. Aldwinckle - 1967 - Religious Studies 2 (2):233.
    Introduction: DURING the past twenty years philosophers have many times asked and answered the question : Is there a Christian Philosophy? Up to 1928 the existence of a Christian Philosophy was hardly denied. In that year the historian of philosophy,. Monsieur Brehier, raised a doubt: in three talks entitled "Y a-t-il une philosophie chretienne?" the Sorbonne professor put the question and answered: No; there is no such thing as a Christian Philosophy,. because-there cannot be; a Christian Philosophy is an intrinsie (...)
  34. Copying Early Christian Texts. A Study of Scribal Practice.Bengt Alexanderson - 2016 - Augustinianum 56 (2):470-472.
  35. When Responsibilities Conflict: A Natural Law Analysis of Debt Forgiveness, Poverty Reduction, and Economic Stability.S. Alkire - 2001 - Studies in Christian Ethics 14 (1):65-80.
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  38. Review of Two Great Truths. [REVIEW]George Allan - 2005 - Process Studies 34 (1):144-146.
  39. The Reconciliation of Jñāna and Bhakti in Rāmacaritamānasa.F. R. Allchin - 1976 - Religious Studies 12 (1):81.
    Rāmacaritamānasa is a truly remarkable work, and the celebration of the fourth centenary of its composition calls for some recognition. Consider the artless guile of its author: at the start he protests that he is no poet, without skill in letters, lacking in all arts and sciences, lacking in all literary skills; and yet he has presented us with a creation of extraordinary skill and beauty, revealing, within the Indian context, a broad grasp of learning and a zeal to reconcile (...)
  40. Christianity and Nonsense.E. Allison Henry - 1967 - Review of Metaphysics 20 (3):432 - 460.
  41. Torture, Terror & the Body of Christ.Mark J. Allman - 2014 - Journal of Catholic Social Thought 11 (1):241-261.
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  43. Thomas Aquinas' Three Supernatural Virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity.Chang Aloysius - 2009 - Philosophy and Culture 36 (3):63-79.
    Faith, Hope and Love three basic Catholic moral Road Manager, as to the virtue of God. Thomas Aquinas in the "neural learning Filmography" The Chinese and the eighth book in the seventh book tells in great detail. Sindh called諸Germany's first, because I believe God exists, He is the good of the nation, creating the universe, the big reward good and punish malicious dominate, people living should reverence Him, keep His commandments. Lazarus is to follow the faith and the future, because (...)
  44. Review: Swinburne and Christian Theology. [REVIEW]William P. Alston - 1997 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 41 (1):35 - 57.
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  46. Kant, Kissinger, and Other Lutherans: On Ethics and International Relations.S. Andersen - 2007 - Studies in Christian Ethics 20 (1):13-29.
    Many people alive today grew up during the so-called Cold War and even more experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Cold War can be taken as the name of the order of international relations during four decades of the twentieth century. In the following, I want first to comment on the concept of world order and the related one of institution (law). Then I shall deal with the relation between these concepts and various schools in international politics. Next, (...)
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