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    Understanding of Research: A Sri Lankan Perspective.Athula Sumathipala, Sisira Siribaddana, Suwin Hewage, Manura Lekamwattage, Manjula Athukorale, Chesmal Siriwardhana, Kumudu Munasinghe, Kethakie Sumathipala, Joanna Murray & Martin Prince - 2010 - BMC Medical Ethics 11 (1):7-.
    BackgroundLack of proper understanding on the part of researchers about public understanding of research and informed consent will increase the potential for malpractice. As a part of a larger study on ethics and informed consent in Sri Lanka, this study aimed to ascertain the level of understanding of 'research' by exploring the views of the public and professionals.MethodsConvenience sampling and snow ball technique were used for recruitment with an emphasis on balanced age and gender representation, diverse educational, socio-cultural and professional (...)
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    Informed Consent in Sri Lanka: A Survey Among Ethics Committee Members.Athula Sumathipala, Sisira Siribaddana, Suwin Hewage, Manura Lekamwattage, Manjula Athukorale, Chesmal Siriwardhana, Joanna Murray & Martin Prince - 2008 - BMC Medical Ethics 9 (1):10-.
    BackgroundApproval of the research proposal by an ethical review committee from both sponsoring and host countries is a generally agreed requirement in externally sponsored research.However, capacity for ethics review is not universal. Aim of this study was to identify opinions and views of the members serving in ethical review and ethics committees in Sri Lanka on informed consent, essential components in the information leaflet and the consent form.MethodsWe obtained ethical approval from UK and Sri Lanka. A series of consensus generation (...)
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    Ethics Review Committee Approval and Informed Consent: An Analysis of Biomedical Publications Originating From Sri Lanka.Athula Sumathipala, Sisira Siribaddana, Suwin Hewege, Manura Lekamwattage, Manjula Athukorale, Chesmal Siriwardhana, Joanna Murray & Martin Prince - 2008 - BMC Medical Ethics 9 (1):3-.
    BackgroundInternational guidelines on research have focused on protecting research participants. Ethical Research Committee (ERC) approval and informed consent are the cornerstones. Externally sponsored research requires approval through ethical review in both the host and the sponsoring country. This study aimed to determine to what extent ERC approval and informed consent procedures are documented in locally and internationally published human subject research carried out in Sri Lanka.MethodsWe obtained ERC approval in Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. Theses from 1985 to 2005 (...)
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    Ethical Challenges in Mental Health Research Among Internally Displaced People: Ethical Theory and Research Implementation. [REVIEW]Chesmal Siriwardhana, Anushka Adikari, Kaushalya Jayaweera & Athula Sumathipala - 2013 - BMC Medical Ethics 14 (1):13-.
    Millions of people undergo displacement in the world. Internally displaced people (IDP) are especially vulnerable as they are not protected by special legislation in contrast to other migrants. Research conducted among IDPs must be correspondingly sensitive in dealing with ethical issues that may arise. Muslim IDPs in Puttalam district in the North-Western province of Sri Lanka were initially displaced from Northern Sri Lanka due to the conflict in 1991. In the backdrop of a study exploring the prevalence of common mental (...)
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    Under-Representation of Developing Countries in the Research Literature: Ethical Issues Arising From a Survey of Five Leading Medical Journals.Athula Sumathipala, Sisira Siribaddana & Vikram Patel - 2004 - BMC Medical Ethics 5 (1):5.
    BackgroundIt is widely acknowledged that there is a global divide on health care and health research known as the 10/90 divide.MethodsA retrospective survey of articles published in the BMJ, Lancet, NEJM, Annals of Internal Medicine & JAMA in a calendar year to examine the contribution of the developing world to medical literature. We categorized countries into four regions: UK, USA, Other Euro-American countries and . OEAC were European countries other than the UK but including Australia, New Zealand and Canada. RoW (...)
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    Ethical Issues in Post-Disaster Clinical Interventions and Research: A Developing World Perspective. Key Findings From a Drafting and Consensus Generation Meeting of the Working Group on Disaster Research and Ethics (WGDRE) 2007.Athula Sumathipala, Aamir Jafarey, Leonardo D. De Castro, Aasim Ahmad, Darryl Marcer, Sandya Srinivasan, Nandini Kumar, Sisira Siribaddana, Sleman Sutaryo, Anant Bhan, Dananjaya Waidyaratne, Sriyakanthi Beneragama, Chandrani Jayasekera, Sarath Edirisingha & Chesmal Siriwardhana - 2010 - Asian Bioethics Review 2 (2):124-142.
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    Revisiting “Freely Given Informed Consent” in Relation to the Developing World: Role of an Ombudsman.Athula Sumathipala & Sisira Siribaddana - 2004 - American Journal of Bioethics 4 (3):W1-w7.
    Background: Establishment of Sri Lankan Twin Registry demanded development of ethical guidelines, as an effective ethical framework was not available in Sri Lanka. Design: Objectives were to find out whether the ombudsman concept exists in current informed consent practices and to investigate opinion about ombudsmen. We searched Pub Med, conducted a postal survey, and monitored Internet discussion. Results: The responses were categorized into current practices and existing models in informed consent process, reservations expressed about current practices, arguments supporting the concept, (...)
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    Psychosocial and Ethical Response to Disasters: A SWOT Analysis of Post-Tsunami Disaster Management in Sri Lanka.Chesmal Siriwardhana, Suwin Hewage, Ruwan Deshabandu, Sisira Siribaddana & Athula Sumathipala - 2012 - Asian Bioethics Review 4 (3):171-182.
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    A Survey of Scientist and Policy Makers' Attitudes Toward Research on Stored Human Biological Materials in Sri Lanka.Vajira H. W. Dissanayake, Dulika S. Sumathipala, U. G. A. C. Kariyawasam, J. M. D. N. M. M. Jayamanne, P. K. D. S. Nisansala & Reidar Lie - 2015 - Developing World Bioethics 15 (3):226-232.
    Introduction Stored human samples and the establishment of biobanks are increasing in the world. Along with this there are the questions of ethics that arise such as the correct method of obtaining informed consent for research on stored samples and the policies involved in collaborative research using collected samples. This study is an attempt to evaluate the researchers, academics and policy makers' views on these ethical aspects. Methods This was an anonymised study involving a Sri Lankan population of researchers, ethics (...)
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    Response to Athula Sumathipala and Sisira Siribaddana, “Revisiting 'Freely Given Informed Consent' in Relation to the Developing World: The Role of an Ombudsman” (AJOB4:3). [REVIEW]Bob Simpson - 2005 - American Journal of Bioethics 5 (1):W24-W26.