Nathan Faivre [7]N. Faivre [1]
  1.  38
    Information Integration Without Awareness.Liad Mudrik, Nathan Faivre & Christof Koch - 2014 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 18 (9):488-496.
  2.  19
    Information Integration Without Awareness.Liad Mudrik, Nathan Faivre & Christof Koch - 2016 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 20 (7):559.
  3.  22
    Unconscious Integration of Multisensory Bodily Inputs in the Peripersonal Space Shapes Bodily Self-Consciousness.Roy Salomon, Jean-Paul Noel, Marta Łukowska, Nathan Faivre, Thomas Metzinger, Andrea Serino & Olaf Blanke - 2017 - Cognition 166:174-183.
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    A Direct Comparison of Unconscious Face Processing Under Masking and Interocular Suppression.Gregory Izatt, Julien Dubois, Nathan Faivre & Christof Koch - 2014 - Frontiers in Psychology 5.
  5.  7
    Nonconscious Influences From Emotional Faces: A Comparison of Visual Crowding, Masking, and Continuous Flash Suppression.Nathan Faivre, Vincent Berthet & Sid Kouider - 2012 - Frontiers in Psychology 3.
  6.  20
    Temporal Structure Coding with and Without Awareness.N. Faivre & C. Koch - 2014 - Cognition 131 (3):404-414.
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  7. Windows of Integration Hypothesis Revisited.Rony Hirschhorn, Ofer Kahane, Inbal Gur-Arie, Nathan Faivre & Liad Mudrik - 2021 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 14.
    In the ongoing research of the functions of consciousness, special emphasis has been put on integration of information: the ability to combine different signals into a coherent, unified one. Several theories of consciousness hold that this ability depends on – or at least goes hand in hand with – conscious processing. Yet some empirical findings have suggested otherwise, claiming that integration of information could take place even without awareness. Trying to reconcile this apparent contradiction, the “windows of integration” hypothesis claims (...)
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    Animal Consciousness.Pierre Le Neindre, Emilie Bernard, Alain Boissy, Xavier Boivin, Ludovic Calandreau, Nicolas Delon, Bertrand Deputte, Sonia Desmoulin-Canselier, Muriel Dunier, Nathan Faivre, Martin Giurfa, Jean-Luc Guichet, Léa Lansade, Raphaël Larrère, Pierre Mormède, Patrick Prunet, Benoist Schaal, Jacques Servière & Claudia Terlouw - 2017 - EFSA Supporting Publication 14 (4).
    After reviewing the literature on current knowledge about consciousness in humans, we present a state-of-the art discussion on consciousness and related key concepts in animals. Obviously much fewer publications are available on non-human species than on humans, most of them relating to laboratory or wild animal species, and only few to livestock species. Human consciousness is by definition subjective and private. Animal consciousness is usually assessed through behavioural performance. Behaviour involves a wide array of cognitive processes that have to be (...)
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