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    Citizen science or scientific citizenship? Disentangling the uses of public engagement rhetoric in national research initiatives.J. Patrick Woolley, Michelle L. McGowan, Harriet J. A. Teare, Victoria Coathup, Jennifer R. Fishman, Richard A. Settersten, Sigrid Sterckx, Jane Kaye & Eric T. Juengst - 2016 - BMC Medical Ethics 17 (1):1.
    The language of “participant-driven research,” “crowdsourcing” and “citizen science” is increasingly being used to encourage the public to become involved in research ventures as both subjects and scientists. Originally, these labels were invoked by volunteer research efforts propelled by amateurs outside of traditional research institutions and aimed at appealing to those looking for more “democratic,” “patient-centric,” or “lay” alternatives to the professional science establishment. As mainstream translational biomedical research requires increasingly larger participant pools, however, corporate, academic and governmental research programs (...)
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    From “Personalized” to “Precision” Medicine: The Ethical and Social Implications of Rhetorical Reform in Genomic Medicine.Eric Juengst, Michelle L. McGowan, Jennifer R. Fishman & Richard A. Settersten - 2016 - Hastings Center Report 46 (5):21-33.
    Since the late 1980s, the human genetics and genomics research community has been promising to usher in a “new paradigm for health care”—one that uses molecular profiling to identify human genetic variants implicated in multifactorial health risks. After the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, a wide range of stakeholders became committed to this “paradigm shift,” creating a confluence of investment, advocacy, and enthusiasm that bears all the marks of a “scientific/intellectual social movement” within biomedicine. Proponents of this (...)
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    Propranolol and the Prevention of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Is It Wrong to Erase the “Sting” of Bad Memories?Michael Henry, Jennifer R. Fishman & Stuart J. Youngner - 2007 - American Journal of Bioethics 7 (9):12 – 20.
    The National Institute of Mental Health (Bethesda, MD) reports that approximately 5.2 million Americans experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) each year. PTSD can be severely debilitating and diminish quality of life for patients and those who care for them. Studies have indicated that propranolol, a beta-blocker, reduces consolidation of emotional memory. When administered immediately after a psychic trauma, it is efficacious as a prophylactic for PTSD. Use of such memory-altering drugs raises important ethical concerns, including some futuristic dystopias put forth (...)
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    Big Data, Open Science and the Brain: Lessons Learned From Genomics.Suparna Choudhury, Jennifer R. Fishman, Michelle L. McGowan & Eric T. Juengst - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Tracking U.S. Professional Athletes: The Ethics of Biometric Technologies.Katrina Karkazis & Jennifer R. Fishman - 2017 - American Journal of Bioethics 17 (1):45-60.
    Professional sport in the United States has widely adopted biometric technologies, dramatically expanding the monitoring of players’ biodata. These technologies have the potential to prevent injuries, improve performance, and extend athletes’ careers; they also risk compromising players’ privacy and autonomy, the confidentiality of their data, and their careers. The use of these technologies in professional sport and the consumer sector remains largely unregulated and unexamined. We seek to provide guidance for their adoption by examining five areas of concern: validity and (...)
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    Potency in All the Right Places: Viagra as a Technology of the Gendered Body.Laura Mamo & Jennifer R. Fishman - 2001 - Body and Society 7 (4):13-35.
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    Using Lessons Learned From Brca Testing and Marketing: What Lies Ahead for Whole Genome Scanning Services.Michelle L. McGowan & Jennifer R. Fishman - 2008 - American Journal of Bioethics 8 (6):18 – 20.
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    Response to Open Commentaries for "Propranolol and the Prevention of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Is It Wrong to Erase the 'Sting' of Bad Memories?".Michael Henry, Jennifer R. Fishman & Stuart J. Youngner - 2007 - American Journal of Bioethics 7 (9):1-3.
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    Justice and the House of Medicine: The Mortgaging of Ecology and Economics.Peter J. Whitehouse & Jennifer R. Fishman - 2004 - American Journal of Bioethics 4 (2):43-45.