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    Kwm Fulford (2004). Neuro-Ethics or Neuro-Values? Delusion and Religious Experience as a Case Study in Values-Based Medicine. Poiesis and Praxis 2 (4):297-313.
    Values-Based Medicine (VBM) is the theory and practice of clinical decision-making for situations in which legitimately different values are in play. VBM is thus to values what Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) is to facts. The theoretical basis of VBM is a branch of analytic philosophy called philosophical value theory. As a set of practical tools, VBM has been developed to meet the challenges of value diversity as they arise particularly in psychiatry. These challenges are illustrated in this paper by a case (...)
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    Kwm Bill Fulford (2004). Facts/Values. In Jennifer Radden (ed.), The Philosophy of Psychiatry: A Companion. Oxford University Press.
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    Kwm Bill Fulford (2008). Values-Based Practice: From the Real to the Really Practical. Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 15 (2):183-185.
  4. Kwm Fulford (forthcoming). Just Getting Started+ the Conception and Rise of Applied Philosophy From Postwar Analytical Environments-an Introduction. Philosophy.
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  5. Kwm Fulford (1993). Theory and Practice of the Abuse of Psychiatry-a Case of Bioethical Hemianopia. Bioethics 7 (2-3):285-285.
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