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  1. Swillsburg City Limits: The 'City of Pigs': Republic 370c-372d.Catherine McKeen - 2004 - Polis 21 (1-2):70-92.
    At Republic 370c-372d, Plato presents us with an early polis that is self-sufficient, peaceful, cooperative, and which provides a comfortable life for its inhabitants. While Glaucon derides this polis as a 'city for pigs', Socrates is quick to defend its virtues characterizing it as a city which is not only 'complete' , but a 'true' and 'healthy' city . Is Plato sincere when he lauds the city of pigs? If so, why does the city of pigs degenerate so precipitously into (...)
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    Swillsburg City Limits.Catherine McKeen - 2004 - Polis: The Journal for Ancient Greek Political Thought 21 (1-2):70-92.
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    Why Women Must Guard and Rule in Plato's Kallipolis.Catherine Mckeen - 2006 - Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 87 (4):527–548.
    Plato's discussion of women in the Republic is problematic. For one, arguments in Book V which purport to establish that women should guard and rule alongside men do not deliver the advertised conclusion. In addition, Plato asserts that women are "weaker in all pursuits" than men. Given this assumption, having women guard and rule seems inimical to the health, security, and goodness of the kallipolis. I argue that we best understand the inclusion of women by seeing how women's inclusion contributes (...)
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    Gender, Choice and Partiality: A Defense of Rawls on the Family.Catherine McKeen - 2006 - Essays in Philosophy 7 (1):9.
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    Plato's Republic and Functional Teleology. Payne the Teleology of Action in Plato's Republic. Pp. VIII + 240. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017. Cased, £45. Isbn: 978-0-19-879902-3. [REVIEW]Catherine McKeen - forthcoming - The Classical Review:1-3.
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    “Standing Apart in the Shelter of the City Wall”: The Contemplative Ideal Vs. The Politically Engaged Philosopher in Plato's Political Theory.Catherine McKeen - 2010 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 48 (2):197-216.
    Natural philosophers seem to have good reasons to prefer that the kallipolis, the maximally just community of the Republic, is never realized. If such a community is realized, philosophers are under the obligation of a just demand that they govern. However, a life that contains governance as a significant part is not the happiest life a philosopher can live. The happiest life for a philosopher is one consisting entirely or largely in philosophical contemplation. I confront this puzzle by arguing that (...)
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    The Female in Aristotle's Biology.Catherine Mckeen - 2007 - Philosophical Books 48 (1):60-65.
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    A Mind of One's Own. Feminist Essays on Reason and Objectivity.Catherine Mckeen - 1994 - Philosophical Books 35 (3):189-192.