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    The Structure of Leibnizian Simple Substances.John Whipple - 2010 - British Journal for the History of Philosophy 18 (3):379-410.
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    Leibniz on Divine Concurrence.John Whipple - 2010 - Philosophy Compass 5 (10):865-879.
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    Self-Knowledge in Descartes and Malebranche.Lawrence Nolan & John Whipple - 2005 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 43 (1):55-81.
  4. The Dustbin Theory of Mind: A Cartesian Legacy?Lawrence Nolan & John Whipple - 2006 - Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy 3:33-55.
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    Continual Creation and Finite Substance in Leibniz’s Metaphysics.John Whipple - 2011 - Journal of Philosophical Research 36:1-30.
    This paper examines Leibniz’s views on the theistic doctrine of continual creation and considers their implications for his theory of finite substance. Three main theses are defended: (1) that Leibniz takes the traditional account of continual creation to involve the literal re-creation of all things in a successive series of instantaneous states, (2) that a straightforward commitment to the traditional account would give rise to serious problems within Leibniz’s theory of finite substance and his metaphysics more generally, and (3) that (...)
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    Leibniz and the Art of Exoteric Writing.John Whipple - 2015 - Philosophers' Imprint 15.
    In this paper I provide a comprehensive account of Leibniz's important but neglected distinction between the esoteric and the exoteric. I argue that Leibniz distinguished between esoteric and exoteric modes of presentation, and esoteric and exoteric content. He endorsed the esoteric mode, which was modeled on the geometrical model of demonstration, as the ideal mode of presentation in metaphysics. However, he thought it would be a mistake to introduce his metaphysics to people in the form of an esoteric treatise. This (...)
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    Leibniz on Fundamental Ontology: Idealism and Pedagogical Exoteric Writing.John Whipple - 2017 - Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy 4.
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    Leibniz's Exoteric Philosophy.John Whipple - forthcoming - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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    Hobbes on Miracles.John Whipple - 2008 - Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 89 (1):117-142.
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    Review of Donald Rutherford, J. A. Cover (Eds.), Leibniz: Nature and Freedom[REVIEW]John Whipple - 2006 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2006 (1).
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