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    Staying in the Loop: Relational Agency and Identity in Next-Generation DBS for Psychiatry.Sara Goering, Eran Klein, Darin D. Dougherty & Alik S. Widge - 2017 - American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience 8 (2):59-70.
    In this article, we explore how deep brain stimulation (DBS) devices designed to “close the loop”—to automatically adjust stimulation levels based on computational algorithms—may risk taking the individual agent “out of the loop” of control in areas where (at least apparent) conscious control is a hallmark of our agency. This is of particular concern in the area of psychiatric disorders, where closed-loop DBS is attracting increasing attention as a therapy. Using a relational model of identity and agency, we consider whether (...)
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  2. The Role of Family Members in Psychiatric Deep Brain Stimulation Trials: More Than Psychosocial Support.Marion Boulicault, Sara Goering, Eran Klein, Darin Dougherty & Alik S. Widge - 2023 - Neuroethics 16 (2):1-18.
    Family members can provide crucial support to individuals participating in clinical trials. In research on the “newest frontier” of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)—the use of DBS for psychiatric conditions—family member support is frequently listed as a criterion for trial enrollment. Despite the significance of family members, qualitative ethics research on DBS for psychiatric conditions has focused almost exclusively on the perspectives and experiences of DBS recipients. This qualitative study is one of the first to include both DBS recipients and their (...)
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    Case Report of Dual-Site Neurostimulation and Chronic Recording of Cortico-Striatal Circuitry in a Patient With Treatment Refractory Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.Sarah T. Olsen, Ishita Basu, Mustafa Taha Bilge, Anish Kanabar, Matthew J. Boggess, Alexander P. Rockhill, Aishwarya K. Gosai, Emily Hahn, Noam Peled, Michaela Ennis, Ilana Shiff, Katherine Fairbank-Haynes, Joshua D. Salvi, Cristina Cusin, Thilo Deckersbach, Ziv Williams, Justin T. Baker, Darin D. Dougherty & Alik S. Widge - 2020 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 14.
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    Rewriting the Script: the Need for Effective Education to Address Racial Disparities in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Uptake in BIPOC Communities.Saydra Wilson, Anita Randolph, Laura Y. Cabrera, Alik S. Widge, Ziad Nahas, Logan Caola, Jonathan Lehman, Alex Henry & Christi R. P. Sullivan - 2024 - Neuroethics 17 (1):1-12.
    Depression is a widespread concern in the United States. Neuromodulation treatments are becoming more common but there is emerging concern for racial disparities in neuromodulation treatment utilization. This study focuses on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), a treatment for depression, and the structural and attitudinal barriers that racialized individuals face in accessing it. In January 2023 participants from the Twin Cities, Minnesota engaged in focus groups, coupled with an educational video intervention. Individuals self identified as non-white who had no previous TMS (...)
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    Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Deep Brain Stimulation Think Tank: Advances in Cutting Edge Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Neuromodulation, Neuroethics, Pain, Interventional Psychiatry, Epilepsy, and Traumatic Brain Injury.Joshua K. Wong, Günther Deuschl, Robin Wolke, Hagai Bergman, Muthuraman Muthuraman, Sergiu Groppa, Sameer A. Sheth, Helen M. Bronte-Stewart, Kevin B. Wilkins, Matthew N. Petrucci, Emilia Lambert, Yasmine Kehnemouyi, Philip A. Starr, Simon Little, Juan Anso, Ro’ee Gilron, Lawrence Poree, Giridhar P. Kalamangalam, Gregory A. Worrell, Kai J. Miller, Nicholas D. Schiff, Christopher R. Butson, Jaimie M. Henderson, Jack W. Judy, Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora, Kelly D. Foote, Peter A. Silburn, Luming Li, Genko Oyama, Hikaru Kamo, Satoko Sekimoto, Nobutaka Hattori, James J. Giordano, Diane DiEuliis, John R. Shook, Darin D. Doughtery, Alik S. Widge, Helen S. Mayberg, Jungho Cha, Kisueng Choi, Stephen Heisig, Mosadolu Obatusin, Enrico Opri, Scott B. Kaufman, Prasad Shirvalkar, Christopher J. Rozell, Sankaraleengam Alagapan, Robert S. Raike, Hemant Bokil, David Green & Michael S. Okun - 2022 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 16.
    DBS Think Tank IX was held on August 25–27, 2021 in Orlando FL with US based participants largely in person and overseas participants joining by video conferencing technology. The DBS Think Tank was founded in 2012 and provides an open platform where clinicians, engineers and researchers can freely discuss current and emerging deep brain stimulation technologies as well as the logistical and ethical issues facing the field. The consensus among the DBS Think Tank IX speakers was that DBS expanded in (...)
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