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Amy J. Sepinwall
University of Pennsylvania
Amy Sepinwall
University of Pennsylvania
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    Corporate Moral Responsibility.Amy J. Sepinwall - 2016 - Philosophy Compass 11 (1):3-13.
    This essay provides a critical overview of the debate about corporate moral responsibility. Parties to the debate address whether corporations are the kinds of entities that can be blamed when they cause unjustified harm. Proponents of CMR argue that corporations satisfy the conditions for moral agency and so they are fit for blame. Their opponents respond that corporations lack one or more of the capacities necessary for moral agency. I review the arguments on both sides and conclude ultimately that what (...)
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    Denying Corporate Rights and Punishing Corporate Wrongs.Amy J. Sepinwall - 2015 - Business Ethics Quarterly 25 (4):517-534.
    Scholars addressing the moral status of corporations are motivated by a pair of conflicting anxieties: If corporations are not moral agents, we will be unable to blame them for their wrongs. But if corporations are moral agents, we will have to recognize corporate moral rights, and the legal rights that flow therefrom. In early and under-appreciated work, Tom Donaldson sought to allay both concerns at once: Corporations, he argued, are not moral persons, and so are not eligible for many of (...)
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    Corporations Are People Too , by Kent Greenfield. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2018. 296 Pp.We the Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights, by Adam Winkler. New York: W.W. Norton, 2018. 496 Pp. [REVIEW]Amy Sepinwall - 2019 - Business Ethics Quarterly 29 (4):550-554.
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    Regulation of the Global Marketplace for the Sake of Health.Marion Danis & Amy Sepinwall - 2002 - Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 30 (4):667-676.
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    The Merits of a General Education in Bioethics.Amy J. Sepinwall - 2002 - American Journal of Bioethics 2 (4):31 – 32.
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