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  1. Zvi Biener & Eric Schliesser (eds.) (2014). Newton and Empiricism. Oxford UP.
    This is the first volume of original commissioned papers on the subject of Newton and empiricism. The chapters, contributed by a leading team of both established and younger international scholars, explore the nature and extent of Newton's relationship to a variety of empiricisms and empiricists.
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    Zvi Biener & Chris Smeenk, Cotes’ Queries: Newton’s Empiricism and Conceptions of Matter.
    We argue that a conflict between two conceptions of “quantity of matter” employed in a corollary to proposition 6 of Book III of the Principia illustrates a deeper conflict between Newton’s view of the nature of extended bodies and the concept of mass appropriate for the theoretical framework of the Principia. We trace Newton’s failure to recognize the conflict to the fact that he allowed for the justification of natural philosophical claims by two types of a posteriori, empiricist methodologies. Newton's (...)
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    Zvi Biener (2004). Galileo's First New Science: The Science of Matter. Perspectives on Science 12 (3):262-287.
    : Although Galileo's struggle to mathematize the study of nature is well known and oft discussed, less discussed is the form this struggle takes in relation to Galileo's first new science, the science of the second day of the Discorsi. This essay argues that Galileo's first science ought to be understood as the science of matter—not, as it is usually understood, the science of the strength of materials. This understanding sheds light on the convoluted structure of the Discorsi's first day. (...)
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    Zvi Biener & Chris Smeenk (2004). Pendulums, Pedagogy, and Matter: Lessons From the Editing of Newton's Principia. Science and Education 13 (4-5):309-320.
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    Zvi Biener (2003). Review of I. Bernard Cohen, George E. Smith, (Eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Newton. [REVIEW] Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2003 (1).